Health Restoration Programs

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Is an Individualized Health Restoration Program Right for You?

  • You want to feel heard, understood and cared for by a doctor.
  • You’re looking for a doctor to help you identify the underlying causes of your health concerns & be your guide in getting well.
  • You prefer to use natural therapies
  • You're ready to take control of your health and be responsible for your own wellbeing
  • You are willing to invest in yourself to get the results you've been desperately seeking.
Health Restoration Programs

I know what you’re going through

I’ve been there myself and I know what it’s like to feel frustrated & upset with your body and the medical system. I know that sometimes it can feel like your body is working against you; but in truth, your body has just been trying to communicate that something is wrong. With the right guidance & support, you can stop struggling with debilitating symptoms and start living in a healthy happy body. When we listen, rather than shut it down; when we work with the body, rather than against it, we can experience what healing truly is.  

Do you spend too much time and energy worrying about your health? Do you feel limited in life and unable to do the activities you want to do? 

I worked hard to learn how to heal myself and how to help others do the same. I’ve since worked with thousands of people to help them transform their health & their lives. When you stop suppressing & start addressing the underlying issues, when you allow for true healing, everything within you and around you changes for the better. 

I am not saying its always easy. This will involve time and effort. This is a dedication to loving yourself in a whole new way. Are you ready and willing to do what it takes to live well? 

Stop managing symptoms and start living 

Invest in yourself. Give yourself the gift of health. Watch your life transform.

Health Restoration Programs

A Different Approach to Healthcare:
Address the Causes

Health Restoration Programs
Health Restoration Programs

Two Package Options

Popular Plan

6 Month Program

Includes a 2-3 hour initial consultation, 1-3 hour follow-up sessions, relevant testing, treatments, and unlimited email support.

Premium Plan

12 Month Program

Includes a 2-3 hour initial consultation, 1-3 hour follow-up sessions, relevant testing and treatments, and unlimited email support.

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Health Restoration Programs

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