Frequently Asked Questions

A Naturopathic Doctor (ND) is a physician who has completed a 4 year medical school training. In addition to all of the basic sciences and pharmacology, NDs are also trained in several natural healing modalities. The biggest difference between a ND and a MD is the philosophical approach to health & healing.

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Plan to set aside 2-3 hours for your initial session. Dr. Aviva spends at least 1 hour learning all about your current health concerns and your health history. Then she performs a physical exam to better understand what’s happening in your body. Dr. Aviva has a way of “listening” to the body during her exams. Then she will provide you with a summary of her assessment and recommendations including lab tests and treatments. 

Health restoration programs are 6-12 month commitments designed to provide you with the most comprehensive care to get you to your health goals as efficiently as possible. 

It depends on how long you’ve been sick and how quickly you do the work. Most people start to feel better within the first month; however it generally takes one year to obtain sustainable significant changes.

Dr. Aviva is located in Lafayette, Colorado. For patients in health restoration programs, an initial in-person appointment is required. Follow up appointments can be done virtually or in-person.